seeding list (will be updated soon)

To help FWQ events select athletes from the hundreds of applications we will use the world wide seeding list issued each week. On this list, a rider’s results stay for 52 weeks before disappearing. The seeding list consists of the 3 best results of each athlete during the last 52 weeks. At the end of the inscription window, spots are filled up according to actual seeding list until we reach the maximum number of athletes we can host. The seeding list is ranking riders as follows: Acutal FWT riders, past year FWT riders, FWQ riders with 3 best results of last 52 weeks and frozen points riders.

wild cards

As the Jasna Adrenalin organizer, we can choose 5 wild cards for the 4* FWQ Jasna Adrenalin. Riders with a wild card will be required to register on the FWT website like other riders and acquire their yearly license. Wild cards can earn prize money and will score FWQ points. They have to pay the registration fee as all other riders.

insurance (will be updated soon)

Every rider, including wildcards will have to acquire a yearly FWQ licence. Riders can choose between FWQ one-event licence (10€) and FWQ season licence (40€).

prize money 2022

  Men   Women
1. 1.200€ 1.200€ 1. 1.200€ 1.200€
2. 800€ 800€ 2. 800€ 800€
3. 500€ 500€ 3. 500€ 500€

judging system

All FWT and FWQ contests are judged in the same way.
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