information about 2022

Hi guys,

let me officially welcome you to Jasna Adrenalin 2022 :)

let me share with you some important news and instructions.

  1. Public safety - despite the catastrophic situation in Ukraine, there is no reason to feel concerned about your own safety in Slovakia, not more than in the rest of Europe.
  2. Covid restrictions - the current situation in Slovakia demands following:
    • full vaccination (will be checked upon your arrival)
    • in case of unvaccinated member joining our bubble, a NEGATIVE PCR test not older than 72 hours prior to your arrival has to be provided.
  3. Accomodation - our goal is to create an isolated bubble during the whole event in Jasna. We will have the whole hotel for us, no other guests allowed, hotel staff included in the bubble.

    It's Hotel SKI ***, the same as the last time, which is already a few years back, here's a link, if you're curious :)

    To do this we have negotiated a special price for accomodation for you guys, as we did every year before as well.

    We are currently checking with the hotel, whether it is possible for you to arrive earlier, will let you know ASAP.

    reservation code: JASNAADRENALIN

    Reservation contacts: Erika Vandasova, +421911119501,

    In case of any food intolerancies, please inform the reception while booking the room.

  4. Registration - registration for the competition is scheduled for Thursday March 10th from 10:00 till 18:00

    The end of registration is a strict time, in case there is a possibility of good weather on friday 11th, then we will have to proceed with the safety meeting and all the necessary procedures on thursday after 18:00, with the face check friday in the morning.

  5. We're super happy to see you guys, most of you again, some of you for the first time. We've got Pilsner on tap for less than a soda drink, the whole hotel for us, allthough no parties indoors are officially allowed, we'll manage.

In case of any question pls contact me via Whatsapp or send me an email

In urgent cases give me a call.

Best regards and see you guys soon,

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